Playback support

Playing back files or urls simply loads the content into the debugger session. This means if you want to start a debugger session from an existing file or url you can play the content back in the debugger with the play command. You can also playback a file that contains puppet code and debugger commands.



puppet debugger -p

or just use STDIN puppet debugger <some_file> or echo "abs(-3)" | puppet debugger

Web based playback support

If using the web based debugger you can playback a shared url which would start a debugger session and then load the content from the url or parameter.


or for single commands

Please note the web based debugger only contains a minimal amount of puppet modules. So its likely that your code may not work if using third party modules. This may change in the future though.

You may have seen me (nwops) paste code snippets in the Puppet community Slack channel that references a url. You can do this yourself with a simple gist or url hosted on the internet via the http play resource and url parameter.

Or inline a small code snippet with the content parameter.'dafsdfdsfasdfds')

The demo site is a web application that runs a local instance of the debugger per session.

So create a link, test it and share it.