If you prefer containers you can start up a vanilla Ruby container or use an existing Puppet-agent container. For a vanilla Ruby container, do the following:

docker run -ti ruby:2.5 /bin/bash
root@e98c7330ba7c:/# gem install puppet-debugger
root@e98c7330ba7c:/# puppet debugger

If you want the pre-built Puppet Debugger container image, then just run the following:

docker run -ti nwops/puppet-debugger

This image already has a few modules installed as well. So there is nothing you need to install. Don’t you just love containers?

Dockerfile used to build this image:

FROM ruby:2.4
RUN gem install puppet-debugger --no-rdoc --no-ri
RUN puppet module install nwops-debug && \
    puppet module install puppet-nodejs && \
    puppet module install puppetlabs-ntp
CMD /bin/bash